Danh D. Truong

Biomedical Engineering PhD

I am a post-doc at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. I study mesenchymal tissue differentiation as a model for understanding the plasticity of soft tissue sarcomas and osteosarcoma. My favorite book series is the The Expanse but I also love The Lord of the Rings and The Legend of Drizzt series.


2019- MD Anderson Post Doctoral Fellow (Sarcoma Medical Oncology)

2014-2018 Arizona State University Graduate Research Associate (School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering)


2014-18 Arizona State University Biomedical Engineering PhD (advisor: Mehdi Nikkhah). My thesis was titled Microfluidic Models of Tumor-Stroma Interactions to Study the Interplay of Cancer Cells with their Surrounding Microenvironment and is available through the ASU Library | Digital Repository.

2012-14 University of Texas at Arlington & Univesity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center MSc Biomedical Engineering

2009-14 University of Texas at Arlington BSc Biology

Awards and Honors

2018 Graduate Student Speaker Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Convocation

2018 Completion Fellowship ASU Graduate College

2018 Graduate College Fellowship ASU Graduate College

2017-2019 ARCS Burton Scholar Phoenix Chapter of Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation

2016-2018 IFER Graduate Fellowship International Foundation for Ethical Research

2014-2018 Dean’s Fellow ASU Dean’s Fellowship

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Preparing an F31

The Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award or the F31 is a predoctoral award that provides a stipend and some research allowances for predoctoral students. It is a fellowship provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Selected Publications

. A three-dimensional (3D) organotypic microfluidic model for glioma stem cells–Vascular interactions. In Biomaterials, 2019.
. Microfluidic tumor–vascular model to study breast cancer cell invasion and intravasation. In Advanced healthcare materials, 2018.
. A Breast cancer cell invasion into a three dimensional tumor-stroma microenvironment. In Scientific Reports, 2016.

Current Projects



Lecturer Biochemistry of Cancer (Guest Lecturer) 2018
Principles of Stem Cell Technology (Lab) 2017
The ASU Experience (Guest Lecturer) 2017
Biomedical Microdevices (Lab) 2016-2017
Teaching assistant Biochemistry of Cancer 2018
Principles of Stem Cell Technology 2017
Biomedical Product Design 2016-2017


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